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Supernatural epi - The Man Who Would Be King (thoughts/rant)

I wasn't going to post anything on this episode but decided to write a few thoughts after reading other comments.
Yes, I know that I should probably stay away instead of being aggravated, but I am too stupid on a Saturday morning.
I really don't dislike Castiel but I'm not a lover either. I normally wouldn't even tread into the muddy fandom waters but I'm a bit irked. So, since this is my journal and no one will probably read it anyway, I'll get my thoughts down.
Ok, on to the episode...
I felt kind of bad for Castiel but really folks he's an angel. People are comparing his betrayal of Dean (if they're calling it that) to Sam's betrayal of Dean. I, for one, was thinking of Cas as Dean's version of Ruby. When did Castiel become more human than angel...when did he become human at all?
I just find it a bit ridiculous to put Cas and Sam into the same slot of brother and family. I don't buy it and I never will. Cas is an angel and he has always had an agenda. He raised Dean for a purpose and he raised Sam for a purpose.
He had to be aware that Sam was soulless. Even if he wasn't in the beginning, Sam was topside for a whole year before Dean saw him alive. How did Cas not know that something was wrong when it took Dean all of 10 minutes? Cas only looked for an answer after Dean's prodding. To try and tell me that an angel didn't know that Sam wasn't fully back...a soul is a huge part to be missing...come on.
Then there's the fact that Cas didn't tell the trio why he brought Sam back. He didn't do it for some altruistic reason or for feelings of loyalty. He did it to have a hunter for his souls...for his war…it had nothing to do with Sam and Dean personally, at least as far as I can tell up until this episode.
I don't know what is planned for the finale but I do hope that it makes me want to stick around for season 7. I have enjoyed most of the second half of this season because we seemed to be getting back to the Sam/Dean dynamic. That's what resonates with me. Sam and Dean are brothers and family...point finale.
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I'm like you, I don't dislike him but I'm not a lover of him either. Interesting point you made about Cas as Dean's version of Ruby, I never thought about it like that. Lets hope we are going to have one kick ass finale!
I hope that we have one kiss ass of a finale too.
Cas vs Ruby is just the feeling that I get. It also seems more fitting to me than Sam vs Cas. Cas and Ruby are or were both supernatural beings with an agenda. Sam is human and was guided by loss, loneliness, fear and guilt. Yes, he made a huge mistake but he was a pawn in a game.
Cas and Ruby go beyond human emotion and attachments. They play on a different field and with different stakes. One is more evil in nature and one is better; but they both did what they had to, to get the job done; no matter who was hurt in the process.
It’s just the way I see it.
IA SO. MUCH. These have been my feelings forever and what you wrote was perfect. Thank you:)
This is an old post, but I’m new to LJ. I agree with what you’re saying here. Dean and Cas have always had a strange relationship. Once they gave angels and demons a varying code of morality, I couldn’t understand why they always trusted Castiel so blindly. What did you end up thinking of the finale? I was kind of relieved, Sam will still have his issues, but Sam and Dean’s bond wasn’t severed. I like the tension being all on Castiel instead of the brothers.
Welcome to LJ! Thanks for reading the post and commenting!

The finale wasn't all that I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, I did like it and I found that Jared was fantastic in it.

I thought that Dean would have had more of a reaction to Cas tearing down the wall in Sam's head. This is the brother that he went to hell for and that he has always fought to protect. I thought that he would have been livid and I expected him to act accordingly. I also found that Dean's reaction at Sam's bedside was lacking. It had nothing to do with Jensen's performance; I just don't think that Dean is being written to his full potential anymore. I expected more.

The light at the end of the tunnel for me at least was that Cas made it clear at the end that Dean wasn't his family. This leaves Dean room to focus on who is.
I'm also thinking about Cas and where he got the souls from...lots of nastiness.
Maybe God will be upset at how Cas came to power and help the Winchesters take him down...ok, farfetched.

I was also happy that Ben and Lisa were written out without dying and having Dean feel guilty about it. Normal and apple pie isn’t the life of a hunter…especially not Dean. I never really bought into their relationship anyway.

I really hope that the powers that be go down the Sam/Dean route and stick with it. Sam looked very shaky at the end...maybe he's not out of the woods yet. He kind of rushed to help Dean and was falling down on his face to get there. Maybe Dean will have to deal with the fallout in season 7. I guess we'll see what they have in store for us; hopefully it will be a great season. :D

I like that they did it in two parts. I read way too much info about it before I watched episodes, so I never have a totally raw experience watching it.

I’m also hoping they keep the brothers together in the next season. It feels ridiculous that they wouldn’t have learned their lesson by now. Sera Gamble has an obvious lighter feminine touch and she wants to keep the brothers in the same boat, so it’s promising.

And yes, I kept trying to guess how they’d write out Ben and Lisa, and the way it happened was satisfying.

All I can think about now is how the series will eventually end. They’ve been to heaven, they’ve been to hell, they’ve sought purgatory, I just don’t know what’s left. haha
I read a lot about it beforehand too and maybe that was part of the problem.

I agree with your view about Ben and Lisa. I just hope that they leave it alone now.

As for the series end...I would love something as simple as the brothers driving off into the sunset in the Impala. They've had enough heartache; so I'd love to see it end on a positive note, and have it be about Sam and Dean alone. I'm probably wishing for too much though.
haha maybe.
I wonder if they’ll shy away from the ‘riding off into the sunset’ in favor of ‘going down in a blaze of glory’ although, if it ends that way, then there will never be a movie...
I guess that we'll just have to wait and see. that would be awesome. :D