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Does anyone else find this annoying?

I was just wondering if anyone else finds this annoying...

I got an email notification for Merlin Icons about a new entry. I open it and decide to check it the link...Mr. Goat telling me that I'm not authorized to view the entry. Now, I'm a member of Merlin Icons, so the person's journal must be friend locked. I understand the need for a friends locked journal; but if you’re going to post something to a community, don’t friends lock the entry. It just makes common sense. I know that it may have been an accident but I've seen this quite often. It's just really starting to bother me, so I felt like venting.

I think that the clouds are making me moody.

Ok, rant over. :)
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lol...glad that I'm not alone! You're icon is just perfect! Glad that Sammy feels our frustration. :)
I'm with you. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I wonder if people do because they hope for more friends or something.