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Weather musing

Wow, I'm looking at a Monsoon with thunder and lightening to make more of a splash. I'm not surprised with the heat we've been having. Ok, I'm really boring right now. :)

Have a great one!

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Hopefully it will bring you a little cooling-down.

I have to admit, I wouldn´t even mind a bit of heat right now, the weather here hasn´t been too good lately.
Hopefully. I've heard that the weather this summer hasn't been great where you are. I feel for you because I've been there. Hopefully you'll get a nicer August. :)
"Not so good" is almost an understatement. Lots and lots of rain. But on the other hand, compared to the weather in other places we can´t complain. Rain with a couple of sunny but not so hot day is at least better than the unbelievable heat in parts of the US I´ve heard about. Did you also have these extremely hot temperatures?
Oh man, rain is necessary but too much can drive you crazy. We don't get like Texas if course because we're too far North. Although, our humidity can be pretty stifling. We got to at least the mid 40's with humidity during a heat wave 2 weeks ago.
Oh my goodness...the past two weeks have been nothing but thunder and lightening storms. The heat is nuts getting into the upper 90's passing over 100 - I'm ready for a day of sunshine. I don't care if it'll be hot.

Hopefully the weather gets better for you!
Yeah, it's been storming out this afternoon. We've actually been lucky to mostly have sun with our heat and humidity. It was a gorgeous weekend so I'm not complaining but the rain was pretty fierce coming down. I do hope that you get the sun you just isn't summer without it. :)

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