Sounds pretty much underwhelming. Again. Hey, I think I´m just gonna rewatch one of the early epis...
It was to me but I just read a review of someone who enjoyed it. Hey, it's all a matter of opinion.Good idea! I may just pull out season 1 and start the journey again. :)
I know Dani did but I haven´t read her review yet since I´m still d/l the whole shit and have been doing so for the past three hours. But I´ll let you know. But I´m still hoping it gets better...
I think it was okay.

What I´ve generally liked so far is purgatory!Dean, what I generally didn´t like so far are Sam´s flashbacks and Benny... no, I don´t like him, I don´t trust him one bit and I really don´t have a good feeling about the direction the show might take. But we´ll have to wait and see. I still hope that in the end it will be the brothers against the world again.
Too much Benny for me and I can't understand him half the time.

I'm still in a wait and see frame of mind. The flashbacks are getting annoying for me because there are a lot.

I had that last year with Hawaii 5-0 and stuck it out. It did get better and it was only season 2.

I still liked the first 3 episodes a lot so it's still on the plus side. Hopefully next week the focus will be back on Sam and Dean, but it will definitely be angsty.

I hope so too. :)
I can't understand him half the time.

Really? Wow, I love to hear that because I thought it was me and my crappy English but obviously it´s the actor´s muttering...

And I agree with you also on the "too much Benny" part. I really was so not interested in his stupid love affair.

Maybe I'm just getting old and my hearing is going. :)

I really was so not interested in his stupid love affair.
Me neither!