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Supernatural Season 10 - Mini vent

Just a couple of lines on the season so far:

I know that I’m probably somewhat of a lone wolf on this but I’m not really liking the Demon!Dean storyline (for the most part). I have enjoyed what I’ve seen of Sam, so there is that. Don’t even get me started on the angel stuff. I’m still sticking with it, plus I have to be relatively in the know for Vegascon in March. I just hope I like what a see a bit more by then. Thanks for the mini vent.
lol...I started to think of deleting my post fearing that no one would read it. Thanks for proving me wrong.

It's funny, but I was thinking that he was acting like an a-hole frat boy quite often. So glad that I'm not alone with my thoughts on the season so far. I only hope it gets better.
I hope it gets better too. I keep telling myself it can't get any worse, and then I look back at S9 and unfortunately it can always get worse.

I'll tough it out for a while longer but I might have to give up and stick to my happy memories of the early years if things don't start to improve.

Sorry to be a buzzkill on Show day, carry on ;)
No worries. I haven't watched it yet, anyway (hockey game took precedence). I think it's a bad sign when I'm nervous to watch.

Unfortunately it can always get worse.

I would consider possibly giving up too, if I didn't have the con in March. I'll just rely on my FF button if needed.

Have a good one. :)