Sam and Dean Brothers Winchester S1

Supernatural Season 10 - Mini vent

Just a couple of lines on the season so far:

I know that I’m probably somewhat of a lone wolf on this but I’m not really liking the Demon!Dean storyline (for the most part). I have enjoyed what I’ve seen of Sam, so there is that. Don’t even get me started on the angel stuff. I’m still sticking with it, plus I have to be relatively in the know for Vegascon in March. I just hope I like what a see a bit more by then. Thanks for the mini vent.
I hope it gets better too. I keep telling myself it can't get any worse, and then I look back at S9 and unfortunately it can always get worse.

I'll tough it out for a while longer but I might have to give up and stick to my happy memories of the early years if things don't start to improve.

Sorry to be a buzzkill on Show day, carry on ;)
No worries. I haven't watched it yet, anyway (hockey game took precedence). I think it's a bad sign when I'm nervous to watch.

Unfortunately it can always get worse.

I would consider possibly giving up too, if I didn't have the con in March. I'll just rely on my FF button if needed.

Have a good one. :)