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SPN spoilers (at least I'm pretty sure not...)

Well, I finally saw the latest installment of Supernatural (I hate being behind everyone). Anyway, I was gearing up to be disappointed by yet another episode but was pleasantly surprised...I actually really liked it. I also hope to all that is holy, unholy, supernatural or whatever, that this is the start of a trend. It was great to laugh again. Yeah, I did that during 'weekend at Bobby's' but that episode wasn't Winchester centric. Anyway, I'm not getting my hopes up...but here's hoping. ;)
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Yeah, I usually enjoy watching both. I just haven't really gotten into this season. Considering how quickly I zipped through seasons 1-5 (I started watching last winter), it's kind of sad. I do love the boys, so I really hope that then feeling of excitement about the show returns.
I hope it does for you (:
I'm really enjoying this season overall so far. After watching the first two episodes of this season I thought thats it another season I won't enjoy (pretty much hate season 4 and have some issues with 5) but I'm now loving it!