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Notifications on lj

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with notifications, since livejournal went offline with network maintenance. Some of mine haven't cone at all or came a day late...weird.

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OMG...I didn't get this comment either...ugh!!! No, I don't think that I did. Did you get my b-day v-gift? Cuz I have no idea what's going on anymore...this is really crazy. The snow storm here is definitely going with my mood on this crappy Monday...sorry to vent. ;D
Damn, that sucks. I got yours, though. But I don't get email notifications. Yeah, I got your b-day v-gift and I wrote you pm to thank you. Since you obviously didn't get it. Thank you so much for the v-gift, hon. :))

We have beautiful weather over here, but it's still really cold. I wish spring would be here already.
Amen to that my friend! It's still snowing here but it will come eventually. Good, I'm glad that you got it. I think that I'll have to check my inbox on lj more often. ;D