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Writer's Block: Working hard for the money

If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?

Well, my pooch has gone to doggie heaven and I do miss him terribly, but he'll always be treasured, so I want to answer the question.
I'd have to say actor. Firstly, he was an adorable and blonde Cocker Spaniel...or Cock as my friend would say...and you just know his mind was in the gutter when he mentioned that I got a cock. Of course, I replied that I'm a girl and pointed out that he's the one with the cock...but I digress.
So, Buster was adorable, had a great temperament, and was a great people person. He loved to cuddle, run around the house with toilet paper and bra's, and generally get into mischief. I would have to say that I could see him as an actor. He could make you smile and laugh with his antics and had puppy eyes that could rival JP's. Yeah, he even looked adorable in the sailor suit winter coat (I live in Eastern Canada folks) when he snipped at a Rottweiler sniffing his crown jewels (I didn't say he was smart). So yeah, actor it is.
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