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Supernatural - Tonights episode (contains spoilers)

Well, SPN is finally back from a painfully long hiatus. I haven't been as enamored with the show as in the past seasons; but I think that this may have been one of my favourite epi's all year. It was hilarious (I couldn't stop laughing) and free of bad acting...yes. It was great to see Ellen back, even in an AU or alternate future, as the case may be. Sebastian Roche is always a joy to watch. Welcome back boyz... Oh and Titanic...awesome movie. Yes, even manly men like it...then again, I've never met men like Sam and Dean...but who has? ;)

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Yay! The boys are back!
Was such a great episode! I really enjoyed it.
I also liked the Final Destination feel to the deaths. Was great to see Ellen back and Balthazar is such an awesome character! As much as I love the Impala, that Mustang was pretty hot ;)
I now have the erge to watch Titanic lol.
Lol...I had an urge to watch it too. The Mustang was pretty hot, but when I first saw it, I thought wtf???
Then I realized what was going on. It was nice to have them back like they used to be, without all the angst. I wonder what next week is going to be like. Hopefully, it will be another fun episode. ;)